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February 05, 2007


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Well done, Lenn. Having had both wines, I can attest to their quality. Getting the Roanoke Blend 2 was quite a coup. Is it the first time a Roanoke wine is available outside the tasting room?


Thanks for the endorsement. And yes, I think this is the first time Richie has released something outside of the tasting room first.

And, as you said, it's an awesome wine...hopefully people will jump at the opportunity to get it early!

Had to post under this entry, we had the Roanoke on Saturday, it was absolutely outstanding. I may have to put it right up there with Assemblage as one of my favorite LI Blends. Score one for the NYCC this month, i'll definitely be seeking out some more Roanoke wines (would be alot easier if they sold some to Stew's!).

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