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April 21, 2007


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Congrats on finishing your project and good luck migrating to WordPress. I might be opting for it in the future -- I have no tips to give you at this point. But I think it would great to hear others' tips and your experience. Good luck.

In the meantime, enjoy the weekend, relax and (hopefully) ease into WBW 33...

Got the April NYCC shipment yesterday (I didn't even know FedEx delivered on Saturday's!). Nice selections..I don't think you ever posted about them, and with how busy you were, doesn't look like you got to insert a sheet with them. So tell us about the wines! ;)

I second Marcus on some details on your switch to wordpress from typepad, the obvious one being the reasons for the switch.

Congrats on the project! Having spend five years at About.com in Product Management, I fully understand both the relief of the launch and the eminent postmortem effort that is required. I guess it's a lot like having a child - the responsibility is just beginning, yet it must still feel so good.

And I see that you and I are paralleling our lives again - your project launch and our classroom launch:
Day One of the two day party went well and we're looking forward to seeing the B&B, Winery and Restaurant owners today for Day Two. I'll post about this all later, but we're just so thrilled to have reached this milestone and look forward to truly contributing to the Long Island wine world.


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