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April 11, 2007


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I thought that's why I joined the NY Cork Club...?-)

Good idea, Lenn. I think that people need to be tuned into the really great East Coast wines. Most people, in my experience, haven't had the "good stuff."

I think formal wine training with regard to tasting can be very overrated. One of the problems in the "field" is what exactly does the training consist of? What course, certificate or degree are we talking about? There is no exact science or specific educational pathway when it comes to wine education - let alone New York wines. I wouldn't sweat it - you have a very specific niche that you're covering right now and becoming expert in. Keep up the good work.

You know my views on this. Someone who drinks the wines everyday and lives in the place where they are made will be far more influential to me than a person trained in the world of wine and who lives in a non-wine region.

Your Case of wine reminds me of my toolbox idea, I might need to add an Iberian wine case to my list of sugggestions in the "toolbox".


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