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April 13, 2007


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Awesome! I am planning a trip to the Finger Lake area this summer, probably around the Cayuga Lake wine trail, and I was just thinking that it was too bad that the only New York wine guy I "know" is in Long Island!

I would love to hear about the best wineries for wine tasting and if there are places around the area to avoid. Also, area restaurants with good selections of local wine? Looking forward to Jason's contributions to your site.

(out here in Oregon wine country)

I'll have to pass this along to a friend of mine who was raised in Rochester.

Harmony--I'd be more than happy to answer any questions as the time of your trip approaches.

Why just the Cayuga Lake wine trail? Are you staying in Ithaca? If so, you'll have no lack of restaurants. If you have a couple of days to drive around, I would encourage you to visit wineries on the other lakes to get a better impression of the area. Quality varies tremendously in the Finger Lakes, so the more research you do, the more likely you are to be pleased with your winery visits.

Jason, welcome! You gotta love the internet--I gotta to go to Lenndevours to "meet" someone in my own backyard! There's talk about having a Central New York food/wine blogger get together this summer--consider yourself invited. More details to come as they shape up.

When planning a trip to the Finger Lakes, the Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance is a great resource.

They have brochures and information on each of the wine trails in the Finger Lakes, as information on individual wineries, and upcoming wine events.

After your wine tasting adventure through the Finger Lakes, you can even post a blog about your experience on the Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance's website ([email protected])

Another organization's website that promotes the wine country experience in the Finger Lakes is www.fingerlakeswinecountry.com

If you call our office we can offer suggestions on wineries, restaurants, lodging, hiking, and museums.

I think many people will be amazed at the great variety of things to do in the area.

Welcome Jason!

Hope you have time to visit Sonnenberg Mansions, they have a renovated wine center, and stop by Wick-edly Sent for hand made wine soap with grapeseed oil.

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