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June 12, 2007


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As a rule, trockens don't age much longer than that. Given that it doesn't seem to be a QmP -- not even Kabinett shows up on the label -- I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. Nontrocken QmPs can age for a long while, especially from a good producer in a ripe vintage.

I imagine the body came from the extra alcohol? Though the sugar left in a non-trocken German adds its own weight.

In my experience, Rheingau rieslings tend to have that delicious weight on the palate -- especially compared to racy Mosel wines. The Domdechaney vineyard is lovely and well suited for ageing, even if it is a Qba (which is where you see trocken designated more often than not).

Mmmm...love riesling!

Kuenstler has in my experience a somewhat confusing labelling policy. The QmP or QbA labelling might often appear on the back label of the bottle. Furthermore in good years (I believe 1997 was one)a Kabinett might have the quality of a good Spaetlese, since the amount of high-quality grapes harvested must have been abundant, so he could downgrade Spaetlese to Kabinett and so on.
BTW, happy to see you try some Rheingau Riesling.
I have some Kuenstler reviews on my site if you are interested.

I guess I'd better do dig the bottle out of the recycling bin and take a picture of the back label, eh? ;)

Haha thanks for the backlabel picture, I hope you didn't have to reach too far into the bin ;=)

Apparently it is a QbA since the backlabel only says Qualitaetswein and doesn't mention a Praedikat.
On the other hand the front label mentions a vineyard name which is unusual for a QbA. I guess the wine didn't match the winemaker's personal idea of a Praedikat and thus he "downgraded" it. He still lists it under "our great Single-Vineyard Rieslings'" on his 2007 pricelist.
German labels can be too confusing. :=)



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