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June 10, 2007


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Visiting wineries in the Finger Lakes region is certainly fun, but for some diversity (and exercise), please refer readers to www.footprintpress.com. Footprint Press Recreation Guidebooks specialize in the Finger Lakes region, providing maps and details on where to take a short stroll, go for a day hike, ride a bike trail, find goegeous waterfalls, paddle a canoe or kayak, go snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, and view the unique cobblestone buildings of the region.

While Sue is obviously plugging her own publisher (as an employee or an author), I will second her emphasis. I'll dwell on such topics in Part 2.

The Finger Lakes do provide a lot of outdoor activities, many of them relatively unknown or off the beaten path. If you are an avid outdoors person, then research or a guide book of some sort will probably be in order for full enjoyment of the region.

Anyone planning on hitting the Finger Lakes Wine Festival in July ?

Great attention to detail Mr. Feulner, for a Long Islander you sure know a great deal about Upstate NY

What is the best lake to stay at (lakeside house w/ dock) if you plan on boating the whole time???

What is the best lake to stay at (lakeside house w/ dock) if you plan on boating the whole time???

Seneca and Cayuga are the biggest and provide a whole variety of boating opportunities (motor or sail). Personally, I like Keuka Lake. It is only the third biggest, but the terrain is unique and it's a fun lake to cruise around.

If you are a fisherman, Seneca is supposedly the best in terms of lake trout and bass.

While not abundant, each lake has a handful of dockside restaurants or bars that can be fun depending on your interests.

Hey, my girlfriend and I are planning a trip to the finger lake area. Was wondering which lake would be most quite and what's a good visiting season for a peaceful, romantic time? Thanks a bunch for this post!

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