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July 23, 2007


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Hey Lenn,
Surprised to me on your blog! I was reading your interview questions to yourself from the 19th and I personally liked the last question, about you being able to pour wine to your frineds and family and teach them new things. You know you have succeeded when Frank is teaching HIS family about legs and noses!!! :) (no isult intended of course to Frank's fam) :)

See you soon

Me again,
I guess I should comment on something about your posting from today... So I just talked to Nena and she was in the process of trying to put the shelves in your new frig AND be able to shut the door:)


Since I was one of the several victims of the Con Ed Astoria Blackout that lasted 10 days last year, I am all too familiar with the situation. According to Con Ed our contents were worth $300 and we did get reimbursed. And that whole left in the dark in NYC experience was more fuel for the "move to the country" fire.

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