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July 19, 2007


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"Eight of the animals didn't make the cut, and were executed"

Hmmm...mediocre dogs are executed if they don't perform at the top level? If Vick only applied the same level of criticism to his own athletic performance...

It's funny that your first wine was MD 20/20!
That was the first wine my freinds and I had as well. We didn't really like it much but it got the job done. Back then I had no idea about wine!
Too bad about the shellfish allergy. Your missing out on one of our best local delicacies!

Once ghetto trash, always ghetto trash.

Once ghetto trash, always ghetto trash.

Once ghetto trash, always ghetto trash.

Nike just released they are holding the release of his new shoe...which basically means they will probably can his contract...

I'm in full agreement with you. And since I generally prefer animals to people, well, I was pretty upset when I learned about this. Those poor dogs ...

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