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July 10, 2007


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Lenn - let's drop the charade, shall we? why lie about your obsession with watching her show? Don't be ashamed of who you are, pal - you have to trust us to love you no matter what dopey food shows you like.

I bet she just LOVES the local wine experience.

Watching Rachel Ray makes me want to gauge my eyes out after only 2 minutes of viewing. She is so heavily promoted that I can't avoid her face when I go to the supermarket because it is glued to every magazine and product imaginable.

Not to mention that I'm sure your son is probably a better chef at this point in his life!

Oh, well, any publicity is good publicity.

Hah. OK, I watched. It definitely was a bit of good publicity. Eric Fry @ Lenz, Macari, and the Massoud's at Paumanok. Good stuff. I think she may have neglected to tell people there were 20+ wineries, though! She kept refering to how many miles there were between say Lenz & Macari, skipping over the fact of how many wineries are in between.

Great. I look forward to hearing some daytripper declare "Yum-O" at a tasting room on my next trip out. Mix these folks with the bus/limo brigade and that's some good "people watching".
Why I continued to watch after the LI Wine Country segment is beyond me. Though the cooking demonstration contained my favorite moment, as the crowd enthusiatically cheered Rachel while she demonstrated the use of a waiters corkscrew. Oy.
Seriously though - while Lenz, Macari & Paumonok are the primary beneficiaries - this should be a boon to all. I'm particularly glad she went to Macari as this will bring people to Rt. 48, where some of my favorites wineries can be found.

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