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August 24, 2007


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Oh, WOW. Do I have to limit it to tasting rooms?

I was pouring a Cotes du Rhone a few months ago - declassified Vacqueyras, awesome wine! - and a customer actually said "Well, it's no Parallel 45!"
To which I responded "Well... you're right about that!"

Funniest comment I ever heard in a tasting room:

A woman was being served a blush or a rose, and she looked at it for awhile and asked the attendent, "Is this pink stuff made from really tiny red grapes?"

The winery employee smiled and handled the question wonderfully.

You'll find a very similar (and somewhat contentious) topic to this in the eGullet wine forum: Overheard in the Wine Shop.


As a member of the retail wine trade I've tried to stay out of the fray but some of the stories, aside from sounding way too familiar, definitely border on the unbelievable.

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