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September 24, 2007


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I appreciate this report primarily for your reasoned and cautious approach to the topic. I am curious about the natural world and our effect upon it, but I am somtimes appalled at how irrational and politicized responses can be to such phenomena. I often find discussion of "global warming" to border on the unscientific if not hysteric, which is not the case with your article at all. Your emphasis on the term "climate change" is noteworthy.

Your assertion that particulate mitigation in the last 50 years has, unexpectedly, contributed to warming in metropolitan areas is especially interesting. Our most thorough data sets--those from the post-war period--are perhaps not as easy to rely upon as we thought! It's all a very complex matter.

I wonder if the relatively recent California wine backlash has much to do with the climate changes you've noted. If Napa has been getting warmer the past two decades, then perhaps these climate effects have translated directly into the huge, fruity, alcohol-laden wines that many of us deride in favor of the balanced, food-friendly wines that can be grown in New York state.

Interesting stuff--thanks!

This is a fascinating article. I second Jason's praise for its reasoned tone and empirical basis. It ought to be required reading for anyone interested in the ramifications of climate change -- especially the zealots on either side of the argument.

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