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September 25, 2007


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Hmmm, that's pretty bad. I think situations like this might be avoided if the limo companies trained their drivers a little better--he should never have even stopped there. I hope the winery was able to contact the limo service about the incident.

I agree that the staff did the right thing here. To have served this group simply to avoid a confrontation would have likely only resulted in further property damage and possible injuries to the drunken party or staff. The customer who admitted to working at Newsday should be ashamed of herself, given how much the publication has done to promote the region in a positive way. If I were her manager and heard about the incident, I would terminate her for representing Newsday so poorly.

That said, I also agree that the limo drivers are largely to blame in these situations. At the winery where I work, we have frequently caught limo drivers letting their passengers out in the street or up the road rather than in the driveway to avoid being turned away for not making a reservation. It's all very underhanded, and would seem unnecessary if they believed their passengers were fit to enter the establishment.

Sadly, this kind of garbage is par for the course in NorCal. Fortunately, one learns which wineries to avoid later in the day when the knuckleheads crawl out of their caves... er... limos.

The one thing I'll respectfully disagree with you on, though, is your note that the earlier winery shouldn't have served the group in the condition they were in.

It's entirely possible that (a) they were turned away at the prior winery they'd stopped at, (b) that they were drinking from a bottle they'd purchased several stops earlier, and/or (c) they didn't go way overboard until they'd re-entered their limo before they stopped at that final winery.

Let's just hope no one else served them after this unfortunate incident.

Fatemeh: In my quest to keep this anonymous, I couldn't mention that the winery that had sold them the bottles of wine was right up the street...the last winery that they would have gone to before getting to the one in question.

And while I do agree with you that you can sometimes learn what wineries to avoid...in such a small, condensed region like LI, it clearly doesn't matter.

The winery in question here is not one where you'd expect this to happen, trust me.

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