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October 30, 2007


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Flickr, flickr, flickr! Sounds fun, now to make one before the 9th! ;)

What if I just wanted to show you my rack? My real rack, that is?

Oh, I got some Wine Racks I could show you!

I swear I am not making this up, the "captcha" for that last comment was "wuz4ta". Scary.

Fun idea! I'll flash my rack, lol. Yeah, Flickr for sure!

Great idea! I've got a really nice one that I'm proud of.

Don't get any ideas.

In all seriousness- how should we post them? Email you?

Post all pictures of your racks on your blogs...and add them to the new Flickr group I just created:


If you don't have a blog but would like to particpate, feel free to just email me a picture!

Hey Lenn . . . I've got a post here called Wine Cellars on a Shoestring, about cheap options for cellaring wine (including rejiggering an old refrigerator) if any of your readers are interested.


I'm a little embarrassed to post a pic of my own "cellar" . . . our bottles share space with ski jackets and shoes and the like. Ugh.

Cool. Will you take pics of multiple racks??

nice idea. I've been thinking about expanding my rack--getting a rack-job one might say. Now that everybody's going to see said rack, I have even more motivation to augment the modest set-up I have in place.

Sounds good. I'm in!

Alright. I took a picture and it ain't pretty. My husband will kill me, but I even left in the little kneeling mat he uses . . . ;-). I'll post it up on Flickr as soon as I can.

OK, I've posted the inevitable Twisted response to this on El Bloggo Torcido. I just can't help it.

Fun idea! Photos uploaded to flickr group & blog post.


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