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December 17, 2007


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And another question: What have you contributed other than cynicism in your article?
If you have some positive ideas spell them out, but to just post your comments based on nothing, appears to be like hanging a negativity banner and using up unnecessary space, in this otherwise attractive blog.


You are indeed correct that I forgot to take my happy pills before writing this post. Shame on me.

I love wine and I am cynical (aka sanely reserved) about committees in general, not to mention a bit dubious that commercial and boutique interests will ever coincide. Why should they? I'll be pleasantly surprised if they do, but as I said I am sitting back and watching at this point.

It is an attractive blog, isn't it? Lenn does a great job.

Mr. Massoud,

I actually don't think that this post is overly cynical. Overtly, yes, but not overly. A lot of people are skeptical of these sorts of committees. It's a well-known fact in the wine world that they, along with associations/foundations/etc. tend to under-deliver.

I for one would feel better about this if Constellation weren't involved. In my estimation, they are keeping the NY Food and Wine Center up here from being all it can be too. Their interests just aren't the same as the great wineries of NY. At least not very often.

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