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January 24, 2008


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Donovan - *swoon* - You've covered so many things here that hit home, kinda literally, too. The lower-alcohol-thing always confuses people, in wine as well, because people have grown accustomed to the 14%ers coming out of CA and other new world locales. Even with hotter vintages, Bordeaux were not typically higher than 12% until recent years with Michel Rolland playing viniferal puppet master.
AND you've mentioned Patchogue. I'm now officially homesick.

Jay, a buddy of mine who is more familiar with the wine world than moi (someone other than Lenn) complains all the time about the popularity of what he calls "highly alcoholic fruit bombs". Right now, the beer world in an "extreme" phase. Highly alcoholic, bourbon barrel, mocha cherry imperial coffee porter is way cooler than Mild. I'll be heading to Patchogue in a couple of hours with the humble firkin.

Are you trying to kill me? Seri-us. I'm up here eating way-old maple ice cream and you go and drop the p-bomb. Not right.

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