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January 14, 2008


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I LIKE IT! I like the 'Sonis Cellars, especially and think it is clever and catchy and makes you wonder what if anything is missing from the beginning! (Rosa di Nena label would make me happy, if i were Nena!)

Those are magnificent Lenn! Congratulations! That rose in particular makes me thirsty.

cool labels, great names, etc. congrats!

I frankly wasn't sure about Sonis nor Tumasonis, Lenn, but as Dr. Debs points out, prepending that apostrophe makes it work! Plus, ya done good on the label. I look forward to your tasting notes for Handcrank Red over the next 12 years or so.

I like it. It's unusual and the story behind it honors your ancestry. You couldn't ask for anything more in a winery name. Well done, Lenn.

These are great. They look beautiful, and you're sharing the joy with all your family members, past, present, and, one hopes, future.

Your history echoes what I know. My maternal side of the family is Lithuanian.

Mom's maiden name (surname) was Swedish - originally Svedas back in the old country.

Apparently some of my ancestors may have left Sweden to settle in Lithuania...it was common to give someone a surname based on their country of origin.

My other relatives retained their Lithuanian surnames like Linkonis and Dudonis and Buyauskus.


One more piece of info... Nena's great grandmother's name was Rosa DiPaola.. a connection that you probably weren't even aware of or remembered. Rosa was mom to Nena's namesake... my mom. Nice huh?
the whole concept is great!

Wow! My Cousin's name is Tamasonis which as you mentioned must have been changed when arriving at ellis Island. Very difficult if not impossible to locate family to them due to the change in the name.

Good luck with your Sonis Cellers. I bet you have wonderful wine.


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