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February 20, 2008


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My experience with wine is the more I know the more I find I don't know and reaching for more and more knowledge has kept me fascinated for over three decades now. I'll admit that I'm an extreme case and that led me to change careers and become a winemaker and winegrower, a change that opened a whole new world of information to me. For example, last weekend I spent several hours fascinated by a college professor explaining his research on the mites attacking our vines; that's extreme.

If anything, the mystery of wine has grown for me with each passing vintage.

Hi. I do understand where you're coming from, but I am still in the wide-eyed phase of my wine journey. Lots of this made me respond with a sympathetic chuckle, though.

These things are usually cyclical. One day soon you'll stop wanting to order the Bourbon and you'll be right back with the CdP...

The one thing we're on total agreement with is the restaurant wine list dilemma. Most are awful, thoughtless, or designed to gouge. It's very frustrating buying wine at a restaurant when you know the wholesale cost, can determine mark-ups, see that a restaurant purchased something solely because it was on close-out, or can tell that the restaurant is lazy and just buys whatever the one supplier they're willing to meet with pushes on them. My solution? BYO and pay corkage. It usually ends up a better deal and a better experience.

But it does remain exciting to me to find a wine list that is thoughtful, and I'm willing to pay the price when this occurs. If somebody has taken the time to really develop a wine program that shows either a depth of knowledge or great love and curiosity for wine, I get downright excited.

Yes, the romance of the wine business can be elusive once fully enmeshed in its hardships. But every harvest for me, it renews. It will come back for you. It will take one glass of heaven and you'll have another A-HA moment and you'll be back...you WILL.

I know, I'm just being cranky. I hope. Thanks for the 'chin-ups, kid', though...

Well, I thank you for having the guts to post something that others might banish to the 'super-secret thoughts' category. I haven't reached your level of wine knowledge but, I do find myself feeling shall we say--over-saturated--from time to time. I often require periods to 'dry out' and get rid of the lingering 3-day 'finish' in the back of my throat, and to get back to a place where smelling someone else's glass of wine in the vicinity doesn't induce visions of dead fruit-flies floating in glass of warm day-old wine.
But, as others have pointed out, I'm sure your wine malaise will pass.

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