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February 29, 2008


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I agree that the "starts in the vineyard" sentiment does sound like a cliche, but in the Finger Lakes the observation resonates very strongly and I've come across it quite a bit recently. In a region where the conditions can make for some great wines, but only barely in certain years, quality is measured in nuances and subtleties that can be harmed by bad vineyard practices.

Word on the street is that the winegrowers who paid close attention to keeping yields low in their riesling crop this past summer will have successful wines, while those who kept the yeilds too high but have something akin to awful wines. That's a huge difference in quality.

For some of the reds here, all the vineyard variables need to be favorable to even hope to bottle something that can stand out. The few producers who really have struck me with their progress in red varietals also differentiate themselves by their vineyard and harvesting methods.

It's a cliche due to overuse, but I'm starting to pay more and more attention to the topic as I begin to formulate theories as to what separates the quality Finger Lakes producers from those that are, well, not so good at all.

mmm... Jamesport! Forty-five for the pinot though. I forgot how expensive Long Island is. That being said Jamesport is one of just a few wineries I'd pay that much for a bottle.

Yes, a good vineyard manager is worth their weight in gold. Thanks for sharing about this wine.

Went to Jamesport's tasting room today. I thought the Pinot was one of the best efforts from Long Island ever with this varietal.

- Paul ("Brooklyn Paul")

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