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April 18, 2008


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Thanks for this piece. As you know, we're heading to Keuka Lake tomorrow and I think we'll be visiting Hunt Country on Monday.

AND, we're having dinner at Snug Harbor Saturday night after we arrive!


I wish it was easy for me to get to taste this wine, but given I live somewhere across the ocean it will be pretty difficult.

Anyway, thanks for your impressions and for the nice blog and articles you have. I should continue reading yet to get more tips about wines.

There seem to be several Muscat variations depending on geography and lineage thus making it confusing for most wine drinkers these days. When a friend of mine up here in Niagara mentioned he may plant Muscat, it hardly became obvious what type he meant. It will be interesting to see if this one can break the hybrid stigma that affects marketing wines like this.

Marketing does seem difficult in these situations. It's possible that the muscat you encountered is an entirely different hybrid and would have an entirely different official name, even if its qualities were very similar. It's hard to imagine most consumers taking a chance with XXX Muscat without a winery tasting experience.

Heck, even if a winery planted just plain Muscat (although I'm sure there are 100 different clones) and labeled it as such, it's still not a recognizable varietal name. Shouldn't we all be drinking Rkatsiteli, Muscat, and Gewurztraminer instead of Chardonnay?

Thanks for the post, Jason! When I read the title, I jumped out of my chair. I knew the varietal had only recently been named, and had tried my first example of one from estate-grown fruit from Oliver Winery in south-central Indiana. Very floral, tropical, yet fresh and totally drinkable, and a fantastic wine for many hard-to-pair cuisines. Not the easiest grapes to grow in their vineyard, but probably one of my favorite hybrid wines (aside from Chambourcin) that I've had in a long while. Rock on, Valvin Muscat.

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