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April 08, 2008


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You're right about that Osprey's Pinot Noir. It's a Winner! Val

I'm in the NYCC, and I can say that I haven't received a wine yet over the past year or so that i've said "wow, what were they thinking?". Unlike most non-winery clubs, the selections are top notch. Every bottle might not hit your personal tastes, but they're all great.

So what's it cost?

It varies from month to month depending on the wines I choose, but we are almost always able to sell the wine for less than suggested retail (and if not, we charge retail).

We max out at $60/month plus shipping (you can pick it up!)...and I don't think we've gotten up that high more than once.

I know this post is a bit old for commenting, but I really want to know: has the NYCC changed it's shipping policies to ship out-of-state now that it's legal? If not,why not? There's plenty of us Ex-NY folks in Jersey who would buy a membership, I bet.

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