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May 16, 2008


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A friend of mine was there with a Niagara winery riesling grown in chattauqua county. With its petrol and steely qualities, he mentioned it just doesn't show well with those perfumed aromatically enabled FL rieslings.

I regret that I didn't get a chance to try a wine from the specific winery you're mentioning. The non-Finger Lakes wineries were in a small room, and I was cornered by a few garrolous folks in there who took up most of my time which eventually led to my need to escape (long story). It's hard not to miss a few opportunities in one of these large tasting events!

I think there are a lot of 2006 FL rieslings which have steely and petrol-like qualities, attributes that would be rare in some vintages, say 2007.

These types of events can be very difficult to get around at. Especially once you're at all known in the industry...people snag you and won't let you go anywhere else.

Jason, were there any Long Island wineries there? I doubt it...but there are some riesling here worth checking out at least.

According to the handout, Duck Walk and Pindar were there. I think I recall seeing the booth with one or the other, but it was in this same smaller room where my visit was hampered and then cut short out of necessity.

There was certainly a call out to other NY regions, but as you imply it was basically going to be a Finger Lakes show since the wineries here showcase their rieslings so prominently.

I probably should have tried to go back, but alas the evening slowly crept away from me. I'm sure if it was an event of a different description there would have been a stronger showing of all kinds of wineries from various regions throughout NY.

Unfortunately, most of the programs at the Center end up being primarily Finger Lakes events, both because of proximity and because, in my opinion, that's how the NYWGF likes it :)

Pindar, for all I've said about them in the past, does make a nice riesling and a sometimes-very good late harvest one too.


Jason, Thanks for the recap of the event. I wish I could have been there. In my opinion, the Finger Lakes 2007 Dry Rieslings are showing a lot like the 06's were showing in their early months after bottling, with a lot of acidity that makes them seem a bit unbalanced. But the '06 Dry Rieslings really settled down when I retasted them months later and kept getting better as they aged. So I'm waiting to retaste the '07's after some more bottle aging. The Semi-dry's seem more balanced with more Residual Sugar balancing the early bold acidity.

Jason, I'm sorry that I missed you at Rendezvous with Riesling. My husband and I attended the Master Class with Kevin Zraly on May 9th. We absolutely loved it. Kevin is approachable, animated and makes class fun by interacting with his students.

Like you, we were absolutely blown away by the New York Wine and Culinary Center. I applaud them for elevating the image of the New York wine industry and look forward to our next visit.

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