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July 18, 2008


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Fine choice for the anniversary edition, Lenn. It certainly opens up the door for some scary reviews.

I'm assuming the 'Night Train' region of Italy is not an option for this one...?

Yeah! I love this topic. I can wait to reach back into my memory for that first bottle of... Damn! this is gonna be difficult.

I'm not embarrassed to admit it: without Beringer White Zin, I wouldn't have ever started down the wine path. Thankfully I've long since left that path and found numerous better ones.
I know a lot of people who have started like this (and progressed like this), so this will be interesting to see what people choose to blog about for this session.

PS: it would be interesting to see a follow up WBW about the first wine that made you stand up and say: "WOW... that's what good wine is really about".

This sounds fun!

I am glad WBW is still here!! i keep going to the WBW site and there is nothing on it or I can't see it.

We will be there Aug. 13th! In the mean time check out our book give-away, too - it is all about wine!

Great theme!!! Not so sure though that i want to go down that road again....I might just skip some years of horror wines...Will be there on August 13.

So I finally decided that I would write about the wicker bottle chianti! I havent participate in a long time to WBW. Do we just send you the links Lenn, or is the WBW the site for the link dumps? More on my wine choice here - http://www.drinksomewine.com/

Hi Lenn,
Any chance of getting the themes updated monthly on the Wine Blogging Wednesday site. Had to google to find out what was going on for WBW 48 as the site hasn't been updated with themes for some time.
WBW 48 sounds a great idea but my ephiphany wine was in 1988 and I drank the last bottle last year.

I'm up, or at least as up I will be today, since there will be follow-ups over the course of the week:
The Scribe

Great idea, Lenn. I hope I can remember what wine(s) I started with! it's uh, been a while...

Hi, my post is up. It was psychologically difficult to spend money on this wine--but, anything for the WBW cause.

Hey man - here's the 1WineDude.com entry, just in the nick of time...



Hello again Lenn,
Here's the link to my contribution:


Thanks for hosting,

Hey Lenn
Great WBW - Happy 4th!! here is my post


Hi Lenn - Here is my WBW #48 post. Nice idea and thanks for hosting!


I'm a day late, but for good reason!!

Better Really Damn Late Than Never!

Here's our entry for WBW 48. Happy Anniversary, and thanks for bringing a cool idea to all of us wine geeks!


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