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July 01, 2008


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Hi Lenn,

I would love to see a section that lists BYOB places on Long Island. The BYOB scene is always subject to change ,for example a new resturant awaiting liquor license will probably be BYOB,so during that "window of opportunity" the local readers, who find these gems, could post info to your site. For example Love Lane Kitchen (now open for dinner)in Jamesport is BYOB for Long Island Wines. Farm Country Kitchen in Riverhead (closes at 5:00pm) & Braun's seafood in Jamesport (take-out with tables outside) allow you to bring wine. Most BYOB die-hards already know about Kitchen-A-Bistro in St. James & that many Thai establishments are BYOB.

Great idea, Harold. I'm going to figure out the best way to organize and display this information on the site...and we'll make it happen.

And my wife and I are going to Kitchen a Bistro tomorrow night to celebrate our anniversary...just need to decide what wines to take with us!

If you can figure out a way to pour some tastings over the wires so we can try what you're trying...


I have been getting into wine over the last 2yrs and am officially a wine geek. I read a ton of wine blogs each week and I think you are doing a great job here. You are providing a great mix of content and I commend you on that.
I agree with Harold above that a list of BYOB on LI would be great.(Love Kitchen a Bistro although the servers seem a little bothered with working at times.
What would I like to see here...well I would love to have a place where we can organize tasting groups in different parts of LI. It would be great to have a online community centered here.
Lastly ,I am not sure exactly what I would like but it has to do with
the LI paradox. Except for a area of intense wine focus( the North Fork) LI is a wine wasteland. There are so many small boutique wine shops and wine bars opening in NJ and CT creating a wine buzz but in LI this just is not happening(although the new Wine shop and Wine bar in NorthPort is a nice start.)
So what I'm getting at is some place to start the LI wine revolution
is needed.
Good luck with your new endeavors.

Love Lane Kitchen is in Mattituck and Braun's seafood is in Cutchogue, just to avoid any confusion when your GPS's don't get you there

I would like to see more of your experiences going to various wineries in Long Island, the wines you are tasting there, wines in the various restaurants on the East End.

Hey Lenn,
It would be a bit of a leap beyond the wine focus, but I'd love to see your topical circle widen to include New York State beers. Seems like a natural, especially given your recent post on Southampton Publick House.

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