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August 13, 2008


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Nice! Drew's wine was a 6.99 mag. I'm hoping he'll have time to write it up.

Hi there,

Happy anniversary to the WBW. Here's my contribution.





This is such a great theme. I am truly enjoying looking around at everyones past history into wine! Thank you for this.

This is a good WBW, Happy Anniversary. I tasted the Conundrum fairly recently and to be honest it didn't seem that much different than the Black Opal Chardonnay you describe. I know it should be, and certainly the oak isn't as obnoxious, but still seems like an outrageously overpriced wine.

Hey Lenn, great theme!

It's nice to be participating in WBW again. Here's my submission:



Great theme, Lenn! Here's my video entry and congratulations for WBW!


Hey Lenn,

Don't forget, when you're tasting new oak in that $10 magnum, it's not new oak barrels, it's oak pellets/sawdust/planks, etc. Or maybe even good old fashioned artificial flavoring. Sorry about the palate punishment but I'm glad to hear you hated it.

I already left my link at your original announcement but here goes again, just to be on the safe side:




Great post.

Where are people keeping up with which WBWs are going off? wbw.org hasn't been updated in months, but everyone is still getting the memos.


WBW on El Bloggo Torcido:


thanks and congrats! - j

Have a great time at la playa! I may update some extra tasting notes as 'addendum', but here it is, just an hour late:


Congratulations & thanks, again!

Hey Lenn, thanks!

Here's my humble rambling:


Lenn -
I emailed you, but for the larger population, here is my overly sappy post: http://www.wine-girl.net/2008/08/wbw-48-getting.html

Have a great mini-vacation!


I look forward to participating! ...yesterday. Is there a way for interested parties to be alerted to WBW themes? It is only by luck and searching that I have found any of them. (The actual WBW site is rarely updated.)
Thanks -- I'm off to search for my roots!

Got mine in!


The WBW post is at the top of my blog. Thanks for asking.

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