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October 21, 2008


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Sounds like you may not make it to Saturday! :)

Did you buy the wine ...???... or mooch it ...?...I want full disclosure...that a fact jack...

John: The Long Island wines are a mix of samples offered specifically for the conference and wines from my own cellar (which I have purchased).

The Finger Lakes wines were gathered by Melissa Dobson.

We both paid to ship the wines out to Santa Rosa ourselves, however.

Don, what does "mooch" mean when the wines are to be poured to other wine bloggers as an introduction to New York Wines?

Seems like an odd use of the word, "I heard the recent CIA wine tasting mooched a bunch of wines to pour at their last event!" just an example.

Better yet, "I hear Parker mooched a bunch of wine for his last charity event"

Now that I play with it, I think it works! :)

Lenn.... if you need a good, hearty breakfast in Santa Rosa the day after drinking (I mean "tasting") all those wines, seek out Hanks. You won't be disappointed!

It's interesting that a Finger Lakes winery sent an '04 cabernet sauvignon. There have been better years for reds in the Finger Lakes and that is a straight bottling of a varietal that is ALL about California.

I don't know whether it is briliant or stupid but I like the confidence!

I'm really sorry I'm missing this conference! Maybe next time!

Wish I knew about this.I could have rustled up some HV wines for you! A must try on your return is Whitecliff's Gamay Noir. Very tasty, well structured, and a great pick for Thanksgiving.

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