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November 12, 2008


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::Faints:: ;)

I loved visiting C. Donatiello. I took home one of the Maddies Vineyard Pinot Noirs and that's saying something for me....WAY out of my everyday price range, but I thought it was that good. Eventually I'll get around to this post and put up some lovely pictures of you enjoying CA wine!

It was definitely a lot of fun...and yes, the Maddie's is out of my everyday price range too...but it was very tasty.

And yes...I did enjoy SOME California wines :)

"Big, inelegant" Sonoma wines? I LOVED all of them! I'm tired of those washed out smooth finish wines that are in fashion now. Boring. The taste is gone before you swallow. I call it the L.A. taste because the closer you get to L.A. the more bland the wine is. You have to really focus to taste anything. Give me vino robustus or give me Gallo!

- jim
Santa Clara, California

Jim: That's one of the great things about wine though, isn't it?

What I think were largely inelegant, you dug a lot.

Fun stuff.

Great time, and very tasty wines being made by some very nice people.

I've been recommending that place to friends who will be traveling into the area soon - top notch.

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