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December 12, 2008


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Welcome Evan! Your passion and enthusiasm will make a great addition to the blog.

Many thanks, Morgen. It's an honor and I don't mean that lightly. Lenn is a true leader in this region and the blog reflects that. I'm excited to add to the content that is already cranking at a very high level.

Look forward to reading your posts on Lenndevours. Working with Lenn may be a bit of a challenge though... He's always complaining about something! ; )

Just Kidding- This is one of the coolest sites out there, and the best resource on NY wines.



This is indeed a cool site -- a wonderful example of how passion and knowledge can blossom in the new media world. I know you are kidding when you talk about Lenn complaining, but keep in mind that Lenn (and the staff) work hard to maintain a critical, honest point of view. It's extremely important. We're not here to spread propaganda and we're not a sales department.

That said, we're writing and reviewing and breaking news regarding NY wines (and beer and food) because we are passionate about the overall product. We have pride.

Thanks for the welcome.

Welcome aboard, Evan!

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