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January 03, 2009


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I love these wines. I haven't had a Dr. Frank that I don't like. A little hard to find around here, but I do see them on restaurant lists from time to time and always like to order them.

I hope someone who loves L.I. whites doesn't start calling out FL wineries that use tataric acid. ;)

Speaking of which I had an Osprey's 05 Cab Franc last night and I thought I detected use of the ole bag o' acid trick.

I didn't know if I would be too much of an uber geek for mentioning it to the not-so-uber-geek crowd, so it's funny you mentioned it today.

Just wanted to mention that Osprey's reds have been among my favorites since 2000 on L.I. My friends and I loved the 05 Franc and picked some up in the tasting room before it was officially released.

With the recent emergence of "natural" winemakers and biodynamics, adding acid is usually not spoken of, so I was poking fun at Lenn because some winemakers would deny they used this tool.

I do realize I am off the charts of the wine geek scale and I am receiving treatment for it.

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