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January 29, 2009


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It is all true....lucky me!

Lenn, does your outfit include the same socks and underwear? If so, I hope you wash them between either wins or losses or whichever scenario is most appropriate.

Ha! Your too funny. Save me some Penn Pilsner. BTW, I bet you can make better sandwitches than Primanti Brothers.

Dan: How dare you even imply anything negative about the Primanti Brothers sandwich. Just because your wife's palate is shot from drinking to much The Prisoner. She must have ordered poorly. You must get pastrami, corned beef, or some sort of Italian cured meat. And, you have to get the fried egg on top. AND you need to shake a little hot sauce on top.

The weather may keep the Penn Pilsner in Pittsburgh with my parents. Sadly.

I was actually complimenting your cooking. I didn't hate Primanti Brothers like Emilie. I thought it had a gimmicky sort of appeal and it is unique to Pittsburgh. I appreciate that sort of thing. But I will now be forced to defend her since she has been unfairly attacked:) Again I might add! She must get "Pastrami, Corned beef, or Italian meat". Are they making ANY of that stuff in house? Real Deli's/pork stores make that sort of stuff Lenn. Ever taste real pastrami? Your lucky if your getting Boars Head at Primanti's but I doubt it based on what I tasted. "Fried egg and hot sauce". Her palate must be shot not to pick up on that kind of innovation and sophistication. Lets not forget the limp, undercooked, underseasoned, fries on top of the sandwitch (why if not the gimmick factor), or drowning in processed cheese whiz. Lets recap: Sub par ingredients, bad execution, and gimmicks. Sounds delicious;)

There are a few comments I feel should be made in relation to your blatant attack on a Pittsburgh institution.

First, of COURSE we'd be lucky to get Boar's Head. In fact, I had never heard of the company until I moved here. If we had house-made sandwich meats, would we need to cover it with 10,000 other things? Of course not. That's just a silly argument.

I don't know if you have your geography mixed up, but there is most certainly not cheez whiz on a Primanti's sandwich. Only provolone is allowed. Perhaps you're thinking of the lesser sandwich from eastern Pennsylvania.

Limp fries you say? I don't care how well you cook a french fry. If you cover them in vinegar coleslaw and then smash them, they are going to soften. Again, silly argument that show your misunderstanding of this sandwich.

I guess I don't expect you to understand though. Pittsburgh is a football town and you don't even like football. ;)

First off, you started this:)

What does liking football have to do with Primanti Brothers?

Emilie had a SIDE order of cheese fries (she didn't know fries came on the sandwich). They were soggy then. AND they had cheese whiz on them. I know the difference between provolone and cheez whiz.

WHY would you smash french fries into something wet!

There is a reason that sandwich is NOT imitated anywhere in the world (unlike that lesser sandwich in eastern PA.) Here is a Hint: It is not because of the skill of the chef at Primanti or the ingredients.

Please don't ban me from the site;)

Ban you? I should pay you for making this so easy.

Why on EARTH would you order anything except a sandwich at Primanti Brothers? That's simply a bad ordering choice. That's like ordering wine at Mugs Ale House or the flounder at Peter Luger's. It's just not done. You can't expect much if you do.

You HAVE to smash the sandwich, Dan. How else will it all fit?

And yes, there is a reason it's not imitated. It can't be done on a commercial scale.

You are good:)

Dan, don't let him get to you. He still hasn't answered the underwear question.

Jason: I always wear clean ones. Always ;)

Lenn... Pastrami and Provolone sounds good. The egg is borderline. But you lost me with the fries. Putting fries on a sandwich is something I used to do with a McDonald's cheeseburger when I was 6 years old. Thankfully I don't eat at McDonalds anymore and I don't put fries on anything.
But alas... at least this sandwich sounds better than the crow you will have to eat Monday after Arizona wins!!

OK, enough negativity about the Primantis! The sandwich is one of those things that if you visit Pittsburgh you are required to try (especially at the original location because there are several). From a culinary standpoint it isn't the best creation you'll ever enjoy, and it is clearly a Manly Man's food...but one that must be enjoyed at some point in your life. Actually, the Food Network did 2 specials on Primanti Bros, and up here in Rochester I can name a couple restaurants that actually have the cloned versions on the menu. I'm making mine tomorrow with ground beef for a Primanti-style Roethlis-Burger!

"And no one is clamoring for Arizona beer or wine anyway, are they?"

Maynard James Keenan might be

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