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February 03, 2009


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sounds really nice man, but 30 smackers is getting up there for white wine. It does sound delicious though.


John: It's hard to argue with your comment. It's a delicious wine but certainly not something I can afford to drink every day.

But, I don't think they'd price this wine there if they couldn't sell it there, so it's hard to say much.

It is a delicious wine though. I really liked it.

What are you tasting in the chardonnays that you leads you to think L.I. won't be known for them?

I agree that the Sauvignon Blancs are more memorable and worthy of the relatively high price being asked for some LI whites.

Bryan: It's not so much what I'm tasting. As I said, some of them are very very good. The issue is the inconsistency quality and varying style across the Island.

Some winemaker eschew oak completely. Others do 10-40%. Some halt ML completely. Some let it run partially. Others do full ML.

It's also about their relative quality compared to the cabernet franc, merlot and even sauvignon blanc. I love a Long Island stainless steel chard as much as anyone, but are they that much better than similar style wines from other regions? I'm not so sure.

At the end of the day, there is so much chardonnay here probably because it can grow most anywhere it seems. It's a safe grape to grow and make wine from and sell to the chardonnay-loving public. The steel-fermented versions appeal to the Anything But Chardonnay crowd.

I do know that right now there is more demand for sauvignon blanc fruit than there are acres planted. I know at least two wineries who wanted to buy some sauv blanc this year but were unable to buy any.

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