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February 01, 2009


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This is just nuts. Every announcer in football is head-over-heels in love with Ben R. I would just love to see him play for a team with an average or sub-par offensive line or an average defense. Hard to even describe how over-rated he is.

Very classy move toward the end by Harrison, too.

And I was in a room full of people who were laughing out loud at the ridiculous end to that game. Steelers pick up a 15-yard penalty, giving the Cards the ball on their 30 with one play to go, and the refs don't even want to review the incomplete pass (oops, I mean fumble)! Warner did a great job hanging onto the ball, and the refs didn't even review it. Just give the balls to Pittsburgh. Heh.

You must have been watching a different game, Evan.

That may have been an incomplete pass, but the first one wasn't. Things even out, don't they?

But, I don't expect much better from a filthy Browns fan. You guys wouldn't know good football if you saw it anyway.

See you in a couple weeks, bro. I'll bring you a Terrible Towel.

Well, enjoy this win. You narrowly avoided the most hilarious humiliation in sports history. Some day perhaps a Cleveland fan will know that joy.

And if you bring me a terrible towel I will burn it on the spot. ;)

Of course they won, you had on your lucky underwear!

Is it as painful to watch Ben move in the pocket to Steelers fans as it is to everyone else?

"...sick of hearing Madden and Michaels" - they were inane and awful. Why haven't they been put out to pasture!?! My gawd!

What was also annoying were that the replays from too often from field level; why not just go to a commercial than show that crummy angle?

We're #1!

We're #1!

Funny, I've been hearing from others that they thought Madden and Michaels were cheering for the Steelers...

Oh, well. Best team won.

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