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February 06, 2009


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Sorry to hear of another program biting the dust. These cuts have been brutal and so much effort just kind of vanishes into thin air. Glad they can't get to you Lenn ~

Wow, I never even knew it existed. I went to SUSB from 1987-1989. The whole wine thing hadn't really broken out by then.

it is sad. i was just reading over Roman Roth's bio on his grapes of roth page, and its amazing the level of official support for the wine industry in Germany. from his initial 3 year apprenticeship with a wine making cooperative and technical highschool through to getting his Master Winemaker and Cellar Master degrees from the College for Oenology and Viticulture in Weinsberg. Do we even have an well respected college devoted to Oenology and Viticulture? UCDavis and Cornell run those programs and teach those corses, but their in no way entirely devoted to them exclusivly. Its a vast cultural difference.

What a disappointment. The Center had the potential to have great influence not only within the industry but as a strong advocate for Long Island wines. Hopefully "inactive" is the operative word, and when economic conditions improve, it can be re-activated.

Very sad news... Though it does serve as a fine cautionary tale on these initiatives, as I've warned many in the past, that projects like this simply should *never* have more than a small percent of their operating income derived from fickle state/federal funding sources.

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