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February 27, 2009


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Note: I mistakenly posted this originally as a 3-star wine. I meant to post it as a 2.5-star wine and have made that correction.

It sounds like you taste a lot more wine than you actually review in your blog. I assume this comes down to two key reasons:
1) not enough time to write about everything
2) not enough inspiration from a given wine to waste time posting detailed notes about it.
However, I think there is value in listing all the wines you taste, even if you don't score them.
One of my biggest complaints about the Wine Advocate (and one of the reasons I ceased subscibing years ago) was that Parker would taste wine from a large estate (let's say Mondavi for example) but then would proceed to only post notes about the wines he recommended (which were usually the $50+ type bottlings), leaving the reader to wonder if he never tasted the $15 Cab or if he tasted it but didn't recommend it.
Anyway, it would be nice to see a list (maybe weekly?) of all the wines you tasted, regardless if you posted a review or not.

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