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March 24, 2009


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It was Bedell Merlot--back when--that made me realize the Long Island potential.

Thomas: My guess is that you aren't alone in that. Even though I was still a novice back when I first tasted those 17 merlots, I knew there was something interesting and special going on in my own backyard.

What Finger Lakes wine gave you that same "aha" moment?

great opportunity man! sounds like you got to taste some real winners. Who knew age worthy juice was coming out of Long Island! Guess I'll find out in a month. :)


My own wines, of course!!!

Seriously, I came to the FLakes region from NYCity in 1982, on vacation, and never really left. It was the Riesling and the general aromatic qualities of the wines that grabbed me.

I remember driving home to Brooklyn with cases of wines and a decision to move here.

Back then, reds were much more problematic than today, so it was all about the aromatic whites.

I made the mistake of giving away some of the Bedell Merlots and have been trying to come up with a way of breaking into the house of the person who received them and bringing them back to my house. Hey, man tough times call for tough solutions.

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