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March 09, 2009


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I think Sayre Fulkerson is one of the unsung heroes of the Finger Lakes. He's seen the spectacular growth of popularity there. I remember when I first started my winery buying grapes from him and his tasting room looked like a roadside farmers stand. Now he has a very impressive "tasting hal" and makes some great wines there. He's a great member of the NY wine community.

Jonathan Hull


I hear that when Fulkerson built that white elephant new tasting-room that the tasting-room out did the wines...you would think that farmers for over 200 years they would of been the leader of the pack, but no they follow....built right at the sub-prime top, ouch...good luck to them...once the Fulkerson owners came into taste our wines and were shaking and rude so rude that the wife wrote a very nasty thing on our erasable board...

We wish them well...know the tasting room people they are good people, as for the owners I spit on them...

Cheers !!!

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