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March 05, 2009


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WOW, Lenn, I love the labels!! Keep them as-is for me!

Very well done -- Jackson did a great job and Nena picked a great name.

Great name. Great label.

Hmmm...I had no idea that New York City Escorts were such big fans of Long Island wine.

Very funny Jason....hahaha!

Lenn, why did you take the escort service's comment down?

Wait, do you think they were feigning an interest in the subject matter of the blog in order to provide a solicitation link?!?!?! The nerve!

Ya' here about new things every day, I tell 'ya.

Tell Jackson that I love the way he uses color!
Big points for being a locavore deluxe.

you are such a photoshop boy. your labels kick my labels rear...i'll show you them another day :)

I'll trade you a bottle of 'Sonis Cellars 2008 Watercolor White for a Trajadoja Winery 2007 Cabernet Franc. Seriously, hold a bottle for me and I'll have mine ready bottled soon - probably late May.

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