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March 17, 2009


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Sounds like what you're describing is a wine that is out of balance but still holding potential. I'd be curious to learn more about why some wineries choose to make Traminette. It's been explained to me in the past that Traminette is intended to be roughly the same in aromatics and flavor as Gewurz, but much more winter-durable. So I assume the only reason is return on investment, but perhaps there is more. And there is obviously nothing wrong with planting a grape that offers good ROI.

Traminette always reminds me of overwhelming old lady perfume...

You owe it to yourself to try Rooster Hill's Traminette, also from the east side of Keuka. It's fantastic, and made a convert out of me.

Evan: I think you're right. My understanding is that the benefits of Traminette vs. Gewurztraminer are all about cold hardiness. I assume that is why it's so prevalent in the Finger Lakes. The potential is clearly there, just not realized in this bottle.

Tom: Many of the ones I've tasted have been very reminiscent of my grandmother's bedroom. Agreed.

Peter: Thanks for the reco. Any other local renditions that I should check out? Do you guys grow any?

Fox Run doesn't grow any Traminette. I haven't tried very many local versions, but often they smell more like Seyval cut with a little GW. It can be grown in sites that are too cold for GW, but as far as I can tell Traminette has not really lived up to the hype about significant cold hardiness.

Barry at Rooster Hill doesn't skin contact his Traminette, i.e. he just crushes and presses, which is quite surprising considering how aromatic it is.

I am a fan of BET THE FARM's Traminette (finger lakes appellation) which peaked my interest in this hybrid. It is now sold out but I hold a bottle or two in my possession. I am savoring it for the right occasion. It earned a silver medal by consumers at the NY State Fair last year, I believe. I had to concur with the accolades when I tried it myself!


Where is Bet the Farm?

bet the farm is on the east side of cayuga lake in aurora, right off of 90.

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