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April 02, 2009


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I suggest checking out Israeli Wine Direct for a few kosher wines.

I have a good friend who is really into Israeli wines who has been introducing me to some of the better winemakers from the country. What I've seen is that Israel developing a strong fine wine industry and making some exceptional wines. I had the pleasure, recently, of attending an industry tasting here where about twenty or so of the country's better vintners were pouring their wares, lots of fun. Not unlike some AVA's in New York State, the quality can be inconsistent from winery to winery but the good winemakers produce reliable wines across vintage and varietals. Two that winemakers that come to mind are Galil Mountain Winery in the Golan Heights which makes a lovely Barbera and Thisbi who produces a GREAT BIG Bordeaux blend from grapes grown in the Negev. The tendency is towards big hot climate wines with lots of new French oak. Like California, when they pull it off the results can be spectacular. When they don't, well you know. Anyway, certainly worth a try.

what'd you buy? if you want to keep the lenndevours readers in suspense, just email me. I randomly picked up a few things at Stew's the other day, got home, to find out GV gave one of them a 90 - for whatever that's worth - i'm at least hoping it's drinkable based on that ;)

This will get me to visit one of the wineries in the HV that I drive by all the time, but never stopped in. See my post on the 15th...

This would have been a perfect topic for me to host ;) I was out in Borough Park Brooklyn yesterday so I picked up a couple of bottles. I've had a whole lot of kosher wines in the past year. Yes, a lot suck, but some are great and I think we're definitely seeing a revolution in quality. If only the theme was this week so that people could make their Passover purchases BEFORE the holiday started. Oh well...

There are a lot of really yummy Kosher wines. Goose Bay Sauv Blanc was always one of my favorites. The Cardova Rioja is good too. D. loved K by Saslove, but I don't think they're producing that anymore. Wish I can remember more of what we used to carry!

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