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May 05, 2009


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I will be doing my part next week to support LI beer Donovan. I just brought some Blue Point Toasted Lager on a recent fishing trip (and converted a Bud drinker in the process). I also picked up a case of Hennepin (NY state local), and some Brooklyner Weisse.

Dan- Cool. The BP Toasted Lager is an excellent intro beer for the BMC crowd. Have you tried any in the new 22oz bottles? They are brewed locally and bottled with the new bottling line. Just curious if anyone notices a difference. Of course, there's a new brewing system too and that I believe has made some taste improvements across the board. Cheers!

I have not tried any of the new 22oz bottles. What are they? BTW, the guy who was converted from Bud caught the pool fish right after he had the Blue Point. Maybe the guy upstairs also supports craft beer:)

Tell you what, I'll do a piece on the new BP line, but give me a bit. I want to do it right. The skinny is that you'll see BP beers in 22 oz packaging now. Not much on the consumer end, but there's a lot below the surface.

Oh yes, the Big Gal Upstairs drinks craft beer. Craft beer is how I know She loves me and wants me to be happy.

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