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May 28, 2009


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Hmm. No petrol in there?

Man, you're quick. I didn't even know that I had this published and you comment!

Actually yes, some on the nose (but somehow florally petrol if that makes sense) but less so on the palate.

I wasn't actually done writing this review, but I had it set to publish instead of draft (thus all the typos as well).

All fixed now. I think.

I know that Tom (ithacork.wordpress.com) found the petrol dominant here, but not me.

I had a glass at the Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel the night you and Nena came in, and it was richly petrol (in the nose only, I agree).

I poured this wine to a group of wine industry professionals in Serbia a few months ago, and they were like speechless.

Fred is one of the hardest working guys in this wine business and totally humble to boot. The many hats he wears in the cellar, vineyard and nursery would run down the strongest of us yet he plugs away and continues to improve on the Wiemer legacy. I never get tired of these wines or reading about them. Keep it up. Peter

I love this wine. I am a fan of MOST NY Rieslings ... they need to get wider distribution in America.

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