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May 20, 2009


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Sadly, for a large majority of wineries it is the latter. Many are struggling to get '06 wines out the door.

I suspect you're right in many cases...I'm beginning to suspect that there is a glut of FL wine right now, and there seem to be more and more wineries on the way.

Without some market diversification, I can't imagine that some wineries will not begin to suffer.

Hey jason,

Glad to see your article hope all is well...


"or, perhaps everyone has a ton of 2006 and 2007 Rieslings in stock and they need to push them out the door before they even think about selling the 2008s."

last year the largest producer did not buy Riesling from his growers at all, as they had wine that was not moving so fast, so much for wineries that push the 50K case limit a year...when you grow big you fall big...sad it's really not their doings...economic winds do blow the way of the big producers...it's not good for anyone if they don't sell their wines...it does the region harm...we truly wish them the best of luck...best QPR wines in the world...


Cheers !!!

It is always difficult for wineries to find the proper balance between the need for cash and the desire to hold their wines until they have begun to show more of their potential. Riesling is particularly tricky because it can be stiff, green and unforthcoming if it is made in a style that is meant to allow it to find the beauty of age.

So, when wineries, whether in Germany or Australia or New York push Riesling out the door early, they almost always know that their wines are not nearly as good as they are going to get. But how many of those wines get held at home for more than a few days?

I hope the wineries whose sales are backed up have the financial stamina to last, and if and when they do, I hope they will hold their Rieslings longer than nine months.

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