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June 15, 2009


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Looking forward to the sparkling rose - here's an article from a boston based online magazine which recommends the Ravines non-sparkling rose:


Looking forward to trying some of the ones mentioned!


You said:
"...and instead of falling off a bit on the back palate and the finish (something that I’ve noticed often in lesser-quality New York rieslings)."

Can you elaborate? To which lesser quality NY Rieslings do you refer?


I could be wrong, but it seems like Sasha is referring to "those rieslings of lesser quality than other, better rieslings from NY state", as opposed to "rieslings from NY state, which in general are of lesser quality than those from other places." I don't think it was a dig on NY riesling in general, just the ones with short finishes.


I don't read it as a dig on NY Riesling, but I also don't understand what the phrase 'lesser quality' means.

I'm looking for a benchmark, a reference point.


I think it's a little silly to expect that "a benchmark" be identified in a post that is just a brief recap of the event and the impressions Sasha came away with.

Most people reading this blog probably understand what "lesser quality" means. Don't you think?


If I thought that do you think I'd be 'silly' enough to ask what the phrase means?

When you or anyone else can succinctly and accurately define the word 'quality' as it relates to wine, let me know. But I warn you, I will not participate in THAT discussion. ;)

As for 'lesser,' I always thought that word was quantitative rather than qualitative, but I could be wrong.

Incidentally, even if most people know what the phrase means in this context, I ask the question because I don't know what it means. Is that silly? or unreasonable?

Are we not to ask questions when we need clarification?

Thomas: First I should apologize, saying it was "silly" wasn't fair.

In this instance (trying to keep this discussion within context) "quality" is in the eyes of the taster, Sasha.

There may be no topic less objective than wine. I'll give you that and I honestly have no interest in defining quality, but does that mean that we can't reference quality? I don't think so. Do you?

You do have a point on 'lesser'...it is quantitative. Blame the editor for that one ;)


Thanks for seeing half my point--on 'lesser.' But, hey, a writer is a writer is a writer, with apologies to Gertrude Stein.

I don't want to argue 'quality.' Waste of time--been there.

I'll get off the subject now.

I would suggest retasting the 2007 Pinot when you have a moment. Though it was not for your taste it is a very good example of a cool climate Pinot with all the personality one would find in a quality bourgogne rouge level of pinot from a better vintage.
Your right on with the Keuka white, this has become my Gruner Veltliner replacement around the house.

I'll be tasting the 07 pinot for the first time in a few weeks when I'm in the area. Looking forward to it. I really enjoyed the 05, which may have been the best pinot I've tasted from the Finger Lakes.

And I'll be stocking up on Keuka White for the summer.


if you come to the Finger Lakes and don't look me up I will be despondent.

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