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June 17, 2009


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Great to see them get the publicity!

I could not agree with you or Eric more. From my first experience in Long Island Wine Country, Merlot was and is the best suited for Long Island, and there is alot of good merlot to be had here.

For Three weeks in Sepember my wife and I went on our honeymoon to Napa & Sonoma. We tasted Merlot after Merlot with plenty of Pinot and Zin mixed in. I must say that in my on opinon the Merlot I tasted were forgetable. The Zin's and Pinot stood out.

Long Island, agin in my own opinon have the best Merlots out there. They are all different. I, like you Lenn, tend to stay local, therefore not getting a good taste of Merlots from across the land.

Since September, I have not opend a single bottle of Merlot. Just because it does not do anything for me.

I love and agree what Eric Fry said "...Lets have diversity. It's more fun!"

Congrats to the fine people at Shinn...Barbara, David, Anthony and everyone one who pitches in over there...

For now I will explore Cab Franc....untill something else tickles my fancy.

kinda makes you wonder how much of that french terrior buisness is really just their superiority complex. I mean, no matter the uniformity of the vineyards, unless all the winemakers agree to produce the same style wine, there will be no regional distinctiveness. This is where I see the MERLIANCE organization as having some value for Long Island as a region. I say the region, as opposed to individual producers, because they usually feel that having a similar product as the other guy is an incentive to the customer to go to the other guy (This view is due to their buisness model, usually selling 80-90% of their wine out of the tasting rooms)...

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