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June 08, 2009


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Really, really digging Megan's blog. And "Pass the Poop?" My wife was a forensic chemist, you know. She had all kinds of crappy training. For a while I thought her favorite candy was Reese's Feces. I figured her favorite lake was not her home of Keuka, but Shitauqua. That's all I got. Tip your waiters.

My apologies to all who read the above comment... I...well... (sigh).

I am continually disappointed to read comments on this site repeatedly that claim Long Island wines are overpriced when, in fact, research shows they are not. If you compare the prices of 5,000-15,000 case production boutiques in Napa to those of 5,000-15,000 case production LI wineries, we are actually offering incredible values. The average price of California reds on NYC wine lists is about $95, compared to an average for LI reds of about $45. It is only when one tries to compare apples to oranges -- say, the price of a boutique LI Merlot to the price of a 250,000-case production Chilean Cab with substantial economies of scale and government subsidy -- that the discrepancies arise.

Additionally, to assert that LI wines are "overpriced" or "inflated" as is done above and by others, is to make a normative judgment that somehow LI wineries have frivolous, uninformed, random, or even greedy pricing strategies -- assertions which of course are very, very far from the truth.

The fact of the matter is that production costs for LI wines -- including such things beyond our control as labor, land, insurance, and taxes -- are the highest in the world, and our subsequent wine prices reflect economic necessity rather than inflated ideals.

Trent Preszler
Chief Operating Officer
Bedell Cellars

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