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June 03, 2009


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Great work, Dawsons. I think this means its time for me to throw my Flip cam into Peconic Bay and leave the video to the pros.

I guess we need to pick a way to say LENNDEVOURS and go with it, eh?

Great work...love it.

I think one of the great mysteries of LENNDEVOURS is in the pronunciation. I have literally heard five different ways. To each their own!

Nicely done, guys. I love how Dave references that it's not a "tragedy" if you miss the window of peak drinking.

Evan, personally, I don't think b roll is all that desirable for a video blog post. Rough, off the cuff, unrehearsed like you did here is my preference. :)

I'd been pronouncing it just like you, Lenn-deavors for the last year until I heard Lenn call it DEVOURS during his Atwater tasting video...


Thanks for the thoughts on video. It's a learning process for all of us. I should say that I wasn't planning to cover much -- perhaps 15 seconds here and 10 seconds there, using video to match the comments. Would have been nice to show a couple shots of the room swirling, sipping, writing, etc. But I guess it's not mandatory!

This is flippin' cool.

Sorry for the slight video shake - I'll do better next time!

Morgan, for 10 bucks or so, you can buy a little tripod made for the Flip!

I actually have one, but didn't think to bring it. Next time for sure :-)

Fun, fun, fun. Picking the 1,3,5,7 8 vintages covers about the entire spectrum of ripeness for the last decade of Finger Lakes Riesling vintages. Would anyone like to share some interesting highlights/insights from their tasting notes?

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