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July 01, 2009


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Nice post and that dish looks awesome, Nena is rocking it out! I just imagine the pork is tofu! haha

I can't see you going veggie, but glad to know the thought crosses your mind! :)

There are only a few things keeping me from doing it 'Spoon: Bacon. Pork Shoulder. Cured Pork. Pork Belly.

Well if there is any meat product I miss, pork is on the list, bacon and baby back ribs! :)

I betcha $20 you can't do it! ;)


Great post because Morgan and I have talked about a similar topic of late. When she was out of town last week I just sauteed whatever local vegetables we had in the fridge, and that was more than enough meal. I get a hope in my step thinking about seasonal produce, particularly because the window is so short. In just days strawberries will be done, and I'll go into mourning.

That looks super delish.

In Mark Bittman's new book he talks about rethinking his diet and eating less animal products. He now says he's a vegan until 6pm. After that, anything goes! Now that's a diet I think I could follow!

bacon + chard = win

scapes + anything = instawin

I need to get my own blog so that you guys can tell me how awesome I am...not Lenn!

Welcome to the light side, Lenn!

my personal favorite part of the photo is the $20 in the background. like they're just laying all over the house.

Legit and hearty LOL, Tom.

Go vegan!

Mmmm.... bacon....

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