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July 22, 2009


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I love, love, love that pic of the CdP in the koolaid pitcher. I'm picturing Kool-Aid man bursting through a brick wall: "Enough kool-aid, kids! You're all growed up now! Chateauneuf-du-Pape for everyone!"

You may not have had any NY wines in the "What We Drank" but there was a Long Island Beer in there...so you were able to keep it local.

Lenn.... cheers to your adventure exploring CdP. If you pressed me to name only 1 wine grape (or blend) to drink every day for the rest of my life, CdP might be the front runner.
And you seemed to have that bottle at a great age (nearly 10 years old). It is truly a great food wine with a little age on it!
Note of caution: you aren't likely to find many bargains under $20.... most of the CdP that I find on shelves in CT go for $35+.


Great points. This CdP that I brought for dinner is one my favorite wines from a devoted producer to classic style CdP. His burlier cuvee is $75; this was about half that, and a true bargain. Tremendous value at that price. I find CdP regular bottlings can offer awesome value if you know what style you're getting.

The 2007 Clos Mont Olivet is hitting retail right about now and can be found between 25-30 bucks. They produve traditional CdP that can age 15+ years easily. Especially in 2007. Clos Des Pape is also available:) Come to think of it...I do have a baby born in 2007...

Thanks for the wine reviews. I've never seen a blueberry wine before, hints of blueberry sure....I would definitely want to try that at some point.

The best Blueberry wine to try is Bartlett Estate's Dry Blueberry. It tastes like a light Chianti, and if someone didn't tell you, you wouldn't know.

Blueberry is a very difficult flavor to come across. And if your expecting blueberry pie type flavors, forget it. Blueberries are very similar, to a winemaker, to red grapes...dark skin, green inside.

Served it once to my Italo-phile brother-in-law as a joke one time, and it turned out to be a stunner. And it can be cellared, and yes, it get better.

If you're ever in Maine, try it.

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