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August 23, 2009


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I live in Indiana, and take this assignment as a personal attack, an attempt to cause my palate and soul grievous injury.

I feel for my friend David, but at least living right up against the border with Michigan I can cross the state line and visit some wineries there.

I have one problem, though. The wine I'd like to feature in this WBW comes from a place with no tasting room. But the winemaker has given us bottles as samples, so I think I'm covered. I've tasted the wines with the winemaker before, so we should be in good shape.

You know, David, the rules don't say you have to visit a local winery...could be a good excuse for a road trip.

David, if you want to take a road trip to the Finger Lakes I'm sure me or any number of our enthusiastic correspondents could arrange a winery visit or two.

David - you need to fight back. I'd deliberately go non-local and recount a tale from a tasting room visit in another state...

All I'll say is this... no one ever claimed that drinking local wasn't an extreme sport at least part of the time ;)

Suck it up!

Excellent topic for September! Another reason to get out and visit some of our newest wineries here in Virginia.

thanks for the heads-up we will prepare for the onslaught in our tasting room --

Soooo you're sayin I CAN'T do a post about a Willamette winery? Cuz that would really jive well with my schedule...

That's actually a serious question. Does "at the source" mean at any winery or does it have to be a winery near where we live?

Great prompt, especially this time of year! I contacted winemaker, Michael Meagher of Old Creek Road Winery near Ojai and will be meeting him there when he arrives with a freshly picked truckload of Viognier on Friday morning so that should be great fun. Anybody in the area who wants to join is welcome--let me know with a comment on my blog!


I'm going with at any winery since I moved to Maryland and cannot get to the one good local winery (Black Ankle) in time to meet the deadline. I think what was local to you at one time qualifies. Lenn, what do you think?

Great idea! Hello Vino will be participating in this WBW by visiting d'Art Wines in Lodi, CA, and tasting wines with winemaker Dave Dart. I'll be live blogging from the tasting room, with some videos, too.

Excited to be a part of WBW,

- Rick from Hello Vino

what a great goal to the blog! like the idea. i'd love to know some details as im coming to town on monday.

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