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August 11, 2009


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WoW! Thought the Blau was like a 'crowning achievement.' Surprising News.

Cuts ties...that sounds pretty drastic. Are they photo-shopping him out of photos too?


That's my language... Heron Hill is only saying he "no longer works there." There's no indication as to what happened, whether they let him go or if he chose to go.

Uhm... wow!

Very surprising. Either way, there must have been some sort of falling out.

It certainly looks like they want to go more upscale, judging by the employment ad. But I have to wonder if this part of it may have had something to do with Laszlo's departure:

"Strong desire to promote the winery through social media, key account visits and customer interaction as well as by working closely with PR/Marketing"

Even though he always appeared pretty willing to do publicity for the winery, perhaps they wanted to take it to another level and he wouldn't. (pure speculation, of course)


I think that job description would be written no matter what the circumstances were. I have no other insight or news on this, but I have to think that for a guy like TL, high-quality winemaking would trump many other issues. But who knows...

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