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August 03, 2009


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Editor's Note: I believe this is the first nipple picture to appear on LENNDEVOURS.

I agree! Went once in 2002 and said I'd never go again, yet found myself there this year doing a seminar on Hudson Valley Wine on Sunday. Thought I'd check out the festival on Saturday late in the day and go to the tweet up. Should have went to the tasting rooms instead. Always listen to your inner self.

Lenn -

I'm happy to say that it is not mine. Whew!


Took a van load of family and friends on Sunday. Guess I missed all the fun.
We did not stop at any wineries on the way down or on the way home. Tasted many good 'dry' wines. Sweets were probably all used on Saturday and at Toga party.
Did enjoy the State Fair type atmosphere with no rides except around the track in a Toyota Hybrid.
Will probably go again next year. Four of our group are already talking about camping for entire week-end.
I don't know about that and I will definitely not tell them about the Toga's.

This is going to challenge for best post title ever. Also, Bryan, nice nipple.

There is some talk about altering the atmosphere of the event from a "drunkfest" to something less inebriated, but given your report, that ambition seems both undoable and perhaps misguided. And I'll stick to the tasting rooms, though I won't judge those who wish to let their inner toga out!

Actually Sunday had quite a different feel than Saturday. I can see myself visiting again the future as a patron on Sun. after winery hopping that Sat.

There were several winemakers on hand to answer questions and overall the organization both days was impressive considering the size of the event.

Many wineries also brought their big gun wines. I tasted several 07 reds and it was convenient to taste so many in one setting. For the price of a tasting ticket, this event brought a lot to the table.


Why did you publish a photo of my nipple on LENNDEVOURS? Can't a man party in a togo free of public record?


Notice I cropped your face out.

But my nipple is SO recognizable to the masses!

I've been to the wine festival once and it was, in a word, crazy. I think people partying down is all well and good, but unfortunately the event is sometimes a regional first-peak for out-of-staters, some press, etc. As you've mentioned, the quality displays are very overwhelmed by the revelry and the gallons and gallons of sweet stuff.

Oh, well, at least people had fun. I think a few of my high school buddies met up and camped and they enjoyed themselves!

Tom...it's only a matter of time, isn't it?

lol i like your little dig about Finger Lake night life ... (but hey your married and have kids, so your what night life do you expect)

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